Skin Analysis

Our Skin Analysing machine gives us a very deep image of your skin to determine your skin type and condition, by technology that observes skin health from the surface to deepest layers of your skin. We understand the importance of determining your skin type, the condition of your skin, so that we can identify the best possible treatments for your skin needs and to prescribe the best products for your skin.

Our skin analysing system is one of the advanced images analysis system in the world, using digital images technologies via RGB and UV spectrum. The system can diagnose many facial problems: acne spot, pore, pigment, wrinkle, crease, dye, ultraviolet ray or sunshine etc. By reviewing the damage to the skin with different degree of clarity, we can offer one treatment plan for you, often taking the guess work out off achieving beautiful results for you. We can also can compare face images before and after beauty treatment on skin and clearly demonstrate results.


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